Why Effective Digital Marketing Is Crucial For Business Growth


Definitely digital!

About 15 years ago this would have sounded like a fancy or day dream: buying products, booking hotels and reserving train tickets with a tap on the phone or a click of the mouse. However, the convergence of Internet, mobile, cloud and big data has turned out to be the game changer, both for businesses and consumers.

Consumers are increasingly scouting the digital landscape for information on products, services, brands and businesses. Surveys by the leading global consultancies (such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Nielsen) have unearthed interesting facts about the influence of consumer behavior in the digital era.

For instance, about 82% people search on Google to purchase anything.  And around 74% digital buyers rely on peer reviews, comments and feedback on social media to guide their buying decision. Receiving promotional offers, push notifications also play a significant role in influencing consumer preferences. Viewing ads, understanding the latest fashion trends and purchasing products directly from a particular social media channel are also clearly on the rise.

From clothes to home appliances and fashion accessories to furniture, consumers are heavily relying on social/digital media for their shopping needs.  And this is a trend that will keep spiraling.

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