US Partner for Flower Mfg Company


Company brief:

The client happens to be a flower manufacturer based in Pune that produces fine Dutch roses. The company prides on its world class infrastructure, best practices in floriculture and proven quality processes that have stood the test of time.


The company wished to penetrate the US market and support to fulfill its global aspirations.

Our approach:

Roses are delicate in nature and are a perishable commodity. We did a lot of groundwork to create a robust export plan that paid dividends.

We analyzed the flower export norms vis-à-vis the US market, worked out the precise dimensional specs, studied the local market dynamics and the pricing structure as well. Based on these findings, we created a sound export strategy.

We then helped the client get a sample approval. Also, we facilitated obtaining the appropriate testing certificates that are mandatory for export of certain commodities.


Our systematic, well-planned efforts paid off. The brand now enjoys a strong online presence and US exports are in the pipeline.

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