US Partner for Automation Industry

splendid automation

Company brief:

A leading, Pune-based PLC automation enterprise offering a wide range of services in Project Management, Automation & Control; the company enjoys multidimensional expertise, operating in diverse domains such as Waste Water & Water Treatment, Distillation, Lube Oil Refining, Biodiesel, Fume Extraction & Scrubbing, Adsorption, Reverse Osmosis, Motion Control & Material Handling, Pilot Plants, Steel Industries, Boilers  and Power Plants, among others.


PLC automation is a niche segment and the company was tasked up to finding a suitable partner for creating and establishing a credible presence in the US market.

Our approach:

Business Zoomer adopted a versatile and multipronged approach to help the company achieve its overseas objectives. Capitalizing on our long-standing, trusted associates based in the US, we undertook an assessment of the target market.

Next we deployed our proven business matching process to help identify and single out the ideal partner for the US market. Our process included the following activities:

  • Use of digital marketing techniques
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Personal visit to dedicated facilities in the US
  • Attending networking events


Our focused, consistent efforts yielded the desired results in a cost & time-optimized framework – the company was able to successfully connect with a suitable partner and create a footprint in the prestigious US market.

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