Sales Consultancy

A road-map for ensuring rapid results

A sales strategy is a thoughtfully created plan that essentially includes objectives and the best practices to achieve these objectives. It is a documentation of the steps the sales team has to optimally follow for customer on-boarding: how to reach out and shortlist prospects, nurture leads, close the sale, do the follow-up and manage accounts.

Business Zoomer works as a trusted partner is creating an effective sales strategy for your organization. We undertake due diligence of your business through a proven methodical approach:

  1. Understand the business (Products, services, financial capability & work culture)
  2. Study the TG (location, demographics, need-solution mapping)
  3. Analyze the competition
  4. Enlist global domain expertise
  5. Capture & record inputs systematically
  6. Get actionable insights
  7. Prepare & submit plan

During this exercise, we do sales rep shadowing to understand why they are doing what they are doing. Have they done the requisite homework? Are they following the protocols properly?

If it turns out that they are pitching it improperly, we suggest a new pitch, monitor it extensively and nurture & groom your sales reps for enhancing productivity.

Our sales strategy roadmap helps improve sales team performance, enhance market share and ultimately drive profitability.

Shake-up the process, amplify sales performance

If your sales reps are not able to close deals faster, maybe it’s time to take a close, hard look at the sales process. It is not always the people that are at fault; your sales process itself could be flawed.

A sale is not a one-off activity. It is a formal, structured process, which ideally syncs with your company’s strategic goals. From prospecting to follow-up, things could go wrong in the sequence of tasks, leading to unsatisfactory outcomes.

At Business Zoomer, we closely study your sales process and identify the gaps. Leads could be withering away; your sales pros could be wasting more time with unsuitable prospects or they may not be effectively using internal systems such as CRM to optimize their work. Through a comprehensive and hands-on assessment of the sales cycle, we suggest measures to improve sales process efficiency and get desired results.

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