Justine Aquino

Justin Aquino –  Speaker

aquinoI train business owners and professionals to communicate and persuade authentically.It’s not just about specific words to say or hand gestures to use. It’s a total, comprehensive training for your communication and professional presence.
My experience includes:

  • Over 1,200 hours of coaching
    Over 100 presentations, seminars, workshops and speaking engagements
    Clients from 14 countries, including many non-native English speakers
    I’ve helped dozens of clients speak with confidence and become more naturally persuasive.

If you want to find your voice, build charisma, speak with confidence and get the upper hand in your meetings and negotiations, signup for a consulting and training program. Improve in specific skills like:

  • Effective Sales & Negotiation
    Develop natural selling skills that enable you to connect with your clients and offer real value without gimmicky tactics. Succeed in negotiations from a place of strength and honesty.
  • Meetings & Interviews
    Speak up in meetings and contribute to the conversation. Structure meetings productively, focus the conversation, avoid wasted time, and get your ideas heard.
  • Phone & Skype
    Communicate clearly over the phone or video chat with clients and colleagues. Know when to use scripts and when to be spontaneous. Qualify and test for interest,
    and deliver your pitch or idea in your natural voice.
  • Proposals & Presentations
    Prepare your message for maximum impact, overcome nervousness, and use body language effectively. Anticipate questions and objections so you can think on your feet and present your best image.

Skype Program Structure:
All programs include strategy lessons, discussion, Q&A, and simulations and exercises with feedback.

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